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AIMA makes electric bicycles teaming with smart features, high performance, and comfort.

About AIMA

AIMA’s mission is to bring the most competitive mass-market micro e-mobility solutions to market, enabling more people to access affordable electric transportation. If the Big Sur e-bike is an example of their mission statement, we think they’re nailing it.

Big Sur

The Big Sur is AIMA’s first e-bike. Inspired by the rugged Big Sur Coastline in California, this electric bike is infused with a deep appreciation for natural beauty and a commitment to cutting-edge engineering. The Big Sur is crafted with metculous attention to detail, designed in California, and manufactured in the world’s largest e-bike factory. Safety, Performance, Aesthetics, and Integrity are the focus of every bike AIMA builds. 

Big Sur

Matte Black 

Big Sur

Ivory White

Engineered BIG

AIMA created the Big Sur with big features. Designed for comfort, safety, and performance. .

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